M2 Towns is a Condo Townhouse project located in Interchangeway and Highway 7, Vaughan, beside Vaughan Metropolitan Center (VMC) subway station. The project features Two bedrooms and Three bedrooms Townhomes with price starting $680,000.


Vaughan Metropolitan Center is expected to be the new Downtown of Vaughan. The extended subway line and the expanded VIVA path on Highway 7 significantly increased the popularity of the area. Costco, IKEA, Walmart Superstore, Cineplex and David and Buster are all within 5 mins drive.

Transit wise, by taking subway, you can get to York University in 7 mins, Downtown Union Station in 43 mins. Highway 7 and 407 is just 2 mins drive away.

Price Preview

Two Bedrooms, from 1100 s.f, $680,000+

Three Bedrooms, from 1300 s.f, $820,000+

Maintenance Fee



VMC area is one of the most promising community in GTA. City of Vaughan is investing $$$ to trying to make it the highlight of the town. With VMC subway station established, more company and business have come to this area, so as the residential development.

The housing price is being boosted is VMC in the past couple years. But there is still gap between VMC and other hot areas of Toronto, so this area still have potential for price gain.

M2 TOWNS gets lots of attention since it is the only project by the subway station in 2020, as such, it is expected to be a hot sale.